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Cadeflaw: We Have to Put Our Hearts on the Line

As I recall the Cadeflaw interview on blogtalkradio( by Rev. Catherine Gross a few weeks ago, I remember that just before the actual interview started, Rev. Gross played Michael Jackson’s song “On the Line.” She stated that she felt the song was appropriate for the occasion and fit the work that Cadeflaw was doing. I had never considered our mission in those terms; however, opportunity has permitted me to go back and really listen to the words of the song, and in doing so I have received an even greater revelation in the pursuit of an anti-defamation legacy law.

By MJ Brookins   Thu, Sep 01, 2011

We believe it’s morally wrong to defame the character of any deceased person.

Time After TimeCADEFLAW

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Understanding Defamation

Originally, there was no need to enact a civil law remedy for defamation of the deceased, because there were criminal libel statutes. These were designed to maintain the public peace when one person spoke ill of a dead person, and violence was feared by the government authorities. Over the centuries, the threat to public peace diminished, yet defamatory speech levied against dead persons has not.

By Julie Noel   Mon, Aug 01, 2011




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Michael Jackson Fans Want Anti-Defamation Law For Deceased

A group of Michael Jackson fans have created the California Anti-Defamation Law petition in hopes of getting a law passed that would make it illegal to slander the dead.

Mary Brookins, 57, and half-a-dozen other Jackson supporters who met in an online Jackson fan group, is upset by the negative coverage the “Thriller” singer has received since his passing. group is angered by articles that referrer to Jackson as “Wacko Jacko,” suggest he was the victim of a self-inflicted drug overdose, or is guilty of child molestation charges for which he was tried and found not guilty in 2005.
























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Interview with Cadeflaw

Dot to Dot: Keeping Michael’s Legacy Alive 

In 2009, not long after the death of Michael Jackson, a group of women met on through a Michael Jackson community, on They found they had many things in common, including a deep concern for how Michael had been unfairly portrayed throughout his life by the media. Realizing the impact this would have on his legacy, they banded together and formed the idea to try and have a law passed in California that would make it illegal to defame the dead. Cadeflaw was born.

In this interview, Lauren and I spoke with several Cadeflaw members. It came as no surprise to either of us to learn that they have conducted intelligent research into what is needed to have a law like this passed, and their organization is well-structured. They are also 100% committed and dedicated to seeing this project through to the end.



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Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Betty Ford’s Funeral

By Garret Ellison

Religion News Service


The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to picket this week’s funeral services for former first lady Betty Ford in California and Michigan.

The website of the Topeka, Kansas-based church said the fringe group will demonstrate at Ford’s funerals because she divorced her first husband William Warren prior to marrying the late president Gerald R. Ford.

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