Vindication and Advocacy

15 Feb

Vindication and Advocacy for deceased persons whose Legacy’s are allowed to be tarnished because there is no law to protect the deceased from defamation.

Half Page Flier 2 backOffenders, those who defame, should be required to give account for their personal thoughts, views, or attitudes; especially those based mainly upon emotion instead of reason or knowledge.

We should be able to protect the legacy of the dead, whose legacy demands protecting. Please don’t allow groups to slander the deceased to benefit themselves.

Defamation offends the deceased’s relatives; it exposes the family to public hatred, contempt, ridicule; it blackens the memory of their loved ones; and it provokes a breach of peace between people. Originally this initiative was about Michael Jackson but we believe it’s morally wrong to defame the character of any  deceased person. They can’t defend themselves—and Cadeflaw’s mission is to help those left behind who suffer emotionally and financially, to protect and preserve the legacy of their loved ones. We believe a posthumous law will provide them with that. 

Be COUNTED among those who helped to protect the legacy of those deceased.  Those left behind can still be hurt.Support #CADefLaw. Help us convince the California Legislators to author this bill by making corrections to the wrongs that have been done.

TOGETHER, we can make a difference. Help US make that CHANGE.

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Posted by on February 15, 2013 in Advocacy


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