08 May

CAN THE MESSAGE GET ANY CLEARERIn the middle of the Wrongful Death Suit against AEG Live, almost 4 yrs after Michael Jackson’s death, comes a TMZ report which has been picked up by online entertainment gossip news sites, mainstream TV, print and internet agencies.  It is reported that a posthumous molestation suit against Michael Jackson has been filed.

The highly suspicious timing of this filing and story is not overlooked.  The suit was filed May 1, 2013, just days after the wrongful death trial began.  Two weeks after an attorney representing AEG Live said in a televised interview they were going to make it “ugly”, the trial judge opened the door to use the allegations as a defense against wrongful death. 

The new allegation comes after Jackson’s former 2005 defense attorney, Mr. Tom Mesereau, stated he would take the stand at the wrongful death trial if the plaintiff attempts to muddy the waters by bring up allegations and a trial where Michael Jackson was found innocent of all charges by a jury of twelve everyday citizens.   The potential for a rash of similar suits by the fringe is possible. 

Whether they are true or not, law suits must be dealt with.  This means money from the Estate and a renewed smearing of a legacy. Millions have worked diligently to legally prove the accusations were unfounded.   Now here sits a new piece of slander against Michael Jackson and his family by way of new allegations that are unfounded and without credibility.

TMZ reported they obtained a copy of the document pertaining to these new allegations.  They also reported that the document concerning the suit is sealed. This means a judge issued an order or agreed with the parties involved to keep the document closed.  They are not at this time available to the public or anyone else other than the plaintiff and his attorney, the defendant’s attorney and the courts. 

VINDICATION + LEGACY ADVOCACY = JUSTICESo how did TMZ obtain this sealed (closed) document to know what the complaint was?  It would be assumed if someone went through the trouble of requesting the document be sealed then they wished for an amount of privacy.  TMZ would have had to have been notified of this action. So……….where is the privacy and who violated it and WHY????? 

You may feel as if this is unimportant to your life, but the opportunity to become a victim of defamation as a decedent and have your loved ones also defamed is quite easy today.  You only have to look to the daily reports of any given “breaking” story to see this.  You only have to pay attention to how the story changes; who is accused with much coverage, and then who is vindicated with little coverage or without retraction.  

In the CadeFlaw Song 2013 there is a line which is very significant. It goes:

“We’ve all been and did enough” 

“we don’t need nobody inventing extra stuff”

 “people tell what’s said don’t make no mind” 

“in a hundred years it will all be left behind”

 “well here is something for all those folks”

 “we ain’t living a hundred years up” 

“this ain’t 2113”

 “and today’s lies mean everything.”

Please support the CadeFlaw Initiative.  We need people to send letters or emails to the California Representatives.  We need people who know people in California to help get the word out, to sign the petition.

CA Assemblymembers

CA Senators

Cadeflaw CA Residents Petition

Cadeflaw GLOBAL Petition

Submitted by: S. Kendrick – a.k.a. Dial Dancer

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