04 Jul

Hate Recently another teenager has joined what is called an epidemic of attempted suicides by adolescents.  The youngster’s attempt received Media coverage the world over.  One reason is reported to be extreme attacks of bullying using defamation.

Within days of what could have been a greater tragedy, a well known shock jock with an Internet audience of millions aired a program which did defame the teen’s deceased father and may have only added to an agitated emotional state.

This teenager’s only crime is being the child of a famous decedent, and having an outgoing personality which has been exploited by the media.  The teen faces a very intense case of bullying using defamation by persons citing 1st Amendment Rights.  Daily, thousands of people come to the Internet posting repugnant comments, cruelly created videos and photos which slander the teen, the father and other family members.

Social Media is used to send threats of physical and sexual assault with the intent to destroy the teen’s confidence and sense of well-being.  For many this child is a surrogate for a famous parent who is loved and hated in equal degrees worldwide.  His is the worst case of a calculated defamation in life and death known to this writer.

The shock jock had a guest on his show.  This guest is reported to be a person of notoriety, due to a claim that his lover is a deceased famous person as well.  During his interview, which was about his alleged lover, this guest adds the teen’s father to his story.  This is something the guest has done before, weaving the name of the famous into his stories. It is done in order to gain greater attention from the printed media, television and radio personalities for his appearances which equal cash payments.  The interviewed guest went into a narrative of proposed intimate encounters between the guest and the teenager’s father.  He used language that was over the top graphic, the type that stimulates and salivate the detractive nature of the shock jock’s listeners.

This tale was told and aired with a disregard for the teen, surely knowing it would become a gossip topic and a new weapon to be used by the teen’s tormenting defamers.  The guest’s story is not verified.  The decedent has never claimed any kind of special relationship physical or otherwise with this person.  However, due to the fact he is deceased he is now fair game for defamation and so is his family by way of him.

Since this shock jock’s program there has been an increase of defamation of the teen and the deceased father.

“Words are very powerful.” Journalists use them to inform, entertain and educate their readers and listeners. Words can be used to expose faults or abuses in society and to identify people who are to blame.

However, used wrongly or unwisely, they can do harm. Words can misinform the public and they can hurt people with false accusations. At one stroke words can destroy a reputation which someone has spent a lifetime building. So people must be protected from the wrongful use of words.”

To defame someone, journalists do not have to make up false things themselves. You can defame a person by repeating words spoken by someone else.

Note:  In the above quoted paragraph, I would substitute the word people for “journalists.”  Anyone can and now does fall into this category. 

The News Manual

The CadeFlaw Initiative may become a tool or deterrent for the living who are defamed by using their deceased loved one.  The Internet is full of how to pages, courses and groups established to teach writers how to libel without looking like they are doing so; how to skirt the law while knowingly practice slander. There are legal services available to writers who may not have been skillful enough to cover their libel that will help them with counselor or in court.

We humans are the only species to inhabit this planet that will place our children in harm’s way with full knowledge of doing so.

We are the only species that will know of a flood beforehand and not take proper measures and will ponder after the event, whether to build a dam before the next impending flood comes.

Support the Cadeflaw Initiative and give persons like this young girl or her immediate family a chance to fight back.

 Cadeflaw Global Petition Link

CA Cadeflaw Petition Link

ALL Cadeflaw Petition Links

S. Kendrick, Cadeflaw Resolution Specialist – a.k.a. Dial Dancer


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  1. SGAA

    July 4, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    This story, like so many others always leads to the same thing, pain, heartache and slander. This is the reason the Cadeflaw initiative is so important. Stop Global Airwave Abuse supports this law that must be passed to help people in this type of situation. Let’s STOP the abuse.

  2. Barb

    July 4, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    Thank you for not using the teen’s name, nor the name of her father. Although anyone reading this will know who it references, it made a difference to me to NOT see their names. Sometimes using the names seems to somehow add put ourselves in the category of exploiters. Loved the article and it makes some good points. Thank you!

  3. x431

    July 27, 2013 at 2:24 am

    Hi to every one, the contents existing at this web site are actually awesome for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows.


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