How To Defame Without Speaking Or Writing One Word

20 Jul

Defamation by photograph alteration:  

This is nothing new and has been performed since the 1800’s.    It was a main staple for increasing circulation by what was called England’s Sensational Novel and News Press.   Defamation by photo alteration or Photoshop has been done to many people alive and deceased.   Some people were well known some not, some alterations were executed in fun, but others were not.   Many people among both groups were victimized due to the use of an altered photo.   CadeFlaw/AdLLaw has brought many examples of ways the deceased is defamed, but this is one which recently came to mind.


From the copious number of Media produced photos of Michael Jackson an abundance of them may not be genuine stills or accurately depict what was taking place.  MJ, other people, locations and items were added or removed.  People and items were re positioned or shot from unfavorable angles to distort.  In one reported case the “Tabloids used a Michael Jackson impersonator” and in another a “cardboard cutout was used.” to create their much desired derisive photo.

What the average person now does with a camera and their Photoshop software the Tabloids, so called credible Media, Paparazzi and professional photographers have accomplished for decades.

An excellent example of defamation by photo alteration is the photo of MJ and Gavin.  For years when necessary MJ Fans displayed the photo with Gavin’s face blurred, thinking it was the less offensive of the two, but that photo was altered to give MJ a sinister look and the two an air of intimacy. The Media displayed the blurred face photo on TV; News and Celebrity Gossip sites and in magazines.  They cited the blurring was to protect Gavin’s identity while releasing his name and photos of his unprotected face in other reports.

HTDWUW PhotoCompare the two photos see how Michael Jackson’s mouth is curiously reshaped; there was a shading and heaviness applied to his brows; all which was meant to provoke suspicion and accelerate the building of injurious judgments about MJ.   Look at the photo minus Gavin’s face blurred and you see the posture of the two says they were posed rather than natural or intimate. 

This altering of photos is a psychological game played on us; a game which causes us to view and judge a person or situation without proper context.  Put the blurred picture with any article or posted alone and it speaks, but the words are false.  This is how the Media and persons on Social Media defame without speaking or writing one word.



1.    In the less than discerning book called “Tabloid Baby”.  The author writes of his accounts as a one of the more infamous Tabloid Journalists before he decided to quit the business.  The book is written on a style of “those were the good ole days”.   In the book the author reminisces about when the Tabloids used a Michael Jackson impersonator for a particularly nasty story.

2.  “Media’s deadly criminal tactics in pursuing and creating a story”

3.    Carnival Cutout Photo

4.   Media used photoshopped picture of alleged gunman

5.   Never Happened photo

6.   Fake story of a split as Angelina is coming to terms with possible breast cancer.

S. Kendrick, Resolution Specialist, a.k.a. Dial Dancer

AdLLaw Advocate, July 20, 2014


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8 responses to “How To Defame Without Speaking Or Writing One Word

  1. MJ Brookins

    July 20, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    Photo alteration serves two important purposes. The first purpose is to gather information, most often through magnification of photos. The use of spy satellites reveals facilities and operations that can be crucial to national security. One example is the famous photos of a Soviet rocket installation in Cuba during the presidency of John F. Kennedy. In the modern era, satellite photos purporting to show biological weapons production facilities have increased the resolve of the United States to topple the government of Iraq. The ability to produce photographs that reveal more detail than do traditional photographs, especially at longer distances or using small cameras, has increased the information that can be gathered.

    The second purpose of photo alteration is to misinform or deceive. With new technology, the ability to alter a photographic image is easier than ever before. For example, in a traditional photograph, the difference in skin tone between a face and the neck or shadows that point in different directions can be clues that an image has been manipulated. However, these visual discrepancies can be eliminated in the digital image. Thus, the ability to generate false or misleading information has become routine.

    Read more:

    Didn’t know this practice was so old. Thanks for a very informative article Ms. Kendrick.

    • Dialancer

      July 21, 2014 at 2:39 pm


      There are well researched fictional and historical books which talk about adding photographs to articles to echance the reader’s pleasure which goes back to the 1800’s. Although, not called Tabloid prior to the 20th Century humans have always possessed a Tabloid and Tabloid Junkie mentality, so the combination of false or askew writing and false or askew photos would be a natural progression.

      Telling events by drawing pictures and pictorial defamation is as old as we are. I am sure if Cain had been given an opportunity he would have drawn a story in which he was able to justify the murder of his brother. In the pictorial defamation Abel might have become the antagonist who provoke his brother into defending himself, but was defeated by Cain. Fortunately that did not occur, but just think if he had a chance to defame his brother and shrug off his crime modern people would be discussing if the account was true and whether Abel had it coming to him.

  2. Patricia Young

    July 20, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    Thank you for bringing this infamous Michael Jackson and Gavin Arvizo (burred-out) photo to my attention. I never thought of the possibility of someone altering the photo of MJ and Gavin to fit the sensational media story-line. I definitely see the difference between the two posted photos. I always assumed that some photos of MJ were chosen because the photo was shot at an angle that was not the best, and it therefore suited the media’s purpose to affix that photo to their less than flattering story-line. Yes, you can defame a person by speaking ill of them, but isn’t it ironic that you can defame a person without speaking a single word…something to really think about.

  3. habibilamour

    July 21, 2014 at 1:08 am

    The tabloids even alter photos and use impersonators? They are disgusting…..tabloids should be labelled “fiction” because too many people believe their bullshit and their bullshit never says anything good about anyone.

  4. Dialdancer

    July 21, 2014 at 2:58 pm

    @ Patricia Young,

    I was reminded of Michael’s arrest photo. If you have ever seen photos or videos of him entering the Police Station then you know either the Officer who took that picture or the Smoking Gun website which was the first to publish it distorted it. I am sure whichever did it thought themselves quite amusing, but all it really shows is Unprofessionalism can be found in many fields

    @ habibilamour,

    The Media has learned people will flock to the bad and pay little attention or appreciate a positive article. Until we began to question more, stop believing the first story told and protest when they have gone to far the Media will continue. There is no financial gain for them to stop. Think of Tabloid stories as a dangerous drug, the Tabloid Journalists and their employers as the dealers and the public as the addicted.

    • Patricia Young

      July 21, 2014 at 11:23 pm

      Dialdancer, I love your comparison of tabloid stories to a person addicted to drugs. You are absolutely correct! Actually, I get frustrated and annoyed with ‘tabloid addicted’ folks who buy these rag newspapers/magazines. Something is abviously missing in their lives that they find pleasure in reading about someone else’s pain, whether the story is true or false. Often, when I’m in line at the supermarket, I will ask the cashier if the trashy magazines are selling well. The answer is always “one of our best sellers”…so, we have to also blame the folks who line the pockets of these enterprises by buying their garbage.

  5. Shannon

    July 21, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    I hope you people realize that both of those pictures of Gavin and Michael together are different. Nothing was changed, it just showed Michael was talking. You can see his eyeballs looking in different directions. Someone took pictures of him talking and you just see different mouth movements.

    • Dialdancer

      August 14, 2014 at 11:49 am


      Thank you for your input. We are please your found the article informative.


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