A Legacy: “Everyone Will Have One Like It Or Not”

04 Aug

A person’s Legacy has much in common with a tree.  Some will be saplings others aged oak, but all can continue to grow and provide long after the person tending it has gone.

Each must weather their own type of elemental disturbances, endure tests of enforced glut and drought to insure they can thrive and survive.  When healthy, both can provide physical and emotional shelter and support during life’s torrents.  Seed from them can be the beginning of the new.  Depending upon need, both may be a social and economic mainstay; a source of creativity, inspiration, teaching and a way of validating an existence.

A Legacy like mature trees will bear varied fruits.  Drawing from an achievement, contribution or even a misstep will be according to a user’s specific objectives, ties, goals, tastes and intent.  

Each of us will leave something behind when we die, something you alone touched, so when people look upon it or think of you, you are there.

A Legacy Everyone Will Have Photo

You will be etched into the minds of others through the stories they share about you, pass on and hand down which becomes part of your Legacy.  You may diligently build your Legacy with the future in mind or be absent minded in its care, or unaware how significant it can be and to whom, but it is yours to fashion and the stories shared should be told according to your words and deeds, and none other.

Like with trees the unprincipled destruction of a Legacy robs future generations of its potential benefits.

There is no law against defaming the dead, and with that there is no way to protect their Legacy from being depreciated. Decedents can be sued through their representatives for defamation committed while alive and have a judgment placed against their Estate. The reverse is not possible.

To keep the unprincipled from vandalizing a Legacy and robbing those who can gain from it there must be a law to help protect the deceased from defamation and having the Legacy wrongly characterized.

Please support the CadeFlaw/AdLLaw Petition Initiative.  There are many laws which protect the deceased as they do the living against theft, except one, defamation.  Let’s change that.

Support Goals:

To have each supporter sign the petition. Contact your Senate Representatives and the President. Let each know you approve of this proposed law and wish them to endorse it as well. Make them aware of the Initiative by sending them the link to the petition which has the purpose and requirements plainly written out. Pass this information on to family, friends and associates and ask them to support as well. 

The Petition

Contact State Senators

Contact U.S. President

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Submitted By: S. Kendrick – a.k.a. Dial Dancer


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3 responses to “A Legacy: “Everyone Will Have One Like It Or Not”

  1. Patricia Young

    August 4, 2014 at 11:34 pm

    “Like with trees the unprincipled destruction of a Legacy robs future generations of its potential benefits.” This is, of course, the crux of why we need a law to protect a decedent’s legacy. It is not for the dead, but rather for the loved ones left behind. Hopefully, everyone will get involved at the grass roots level by contacting their state senators and the president about the importance and need for an Anti-Defamation Law to protect the legacy of the dead. You have made it very convenient for folks to click on the link you provided to find the contact information for their particular senator and also the president. Thanks for the great work that you do!

    BTW, I love the legacy tree artwork!

    • Dialdancer

      August 14, 2014 at 4:24 am

      To Patricia Young one of our loyal readers of this Blog and supporters of this Initiative.

      Thank you. We understand the demands people have when it comes to their time. Providing as much easily accessible information to get their support effort done is good for them and us. Personally if you give me a list I can just go down and check off as I complete each task the better I am at getting things done.

      Glad you like the tree. Thanks, you’ve just given me an idea. Think the next article and photo will show how our actions can effect a decedent’s legacy and how the legacy we are creating can become intertwined with theirs.


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