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A person’s Legacy is defined as how they are remembered; what contributions they made while they were alive.

A person’s Legacy is defined as an interconnection across time, with a need for those who have come before them and a responsibility to those who come after them.

A person’s Legacy gives shape and meaning to the lives of many people; reflects all that they held most near and dear.

Timeless parts of themselves are passed on to others leaving hope for the future.

Are You Angry Enough Cadeflaw Photo (800x618) (300x232)Much can be learned and gained from each one of the deceased persons in this photo. They all left some fantastic treasures behind that we ALL can benefit from.

Think about it. Their memories live on in our hearts.




Dear Senator, Assemblymnn or Reader:

We are expressing concern over the general lack of integrity, responsibility, and accountability on the part of our news media in all its forms; print, broadcast, and electronic. In the last 20 years we have seen a deterioration of truth and unbiased objectivity in the presentation of news. There has even been a shift in what is considered news. Specifically, this letter addresses the media’s treatment of those who are deceased.

Hiding behind the First Amendment while exploiting people for entertainment and profit is not honorable. Freedom of speech is a right that we enjoy in our country, and to lose any part of that freedom would be a travesty. However, with freedom comes responsibility. Words are powerful, and leave their affects long after they have been uttered. It is reprehensible to continue to damage a person’s reputation by promoting rumor, innuendo, gossip and sensationalism as fact after they can no longer protect themselves.

We are asking you to initiate or support a bill that would make it unlawful to defame a person who is deceased. Slander and libel are not protected under the First Amendment while a person is living. The same protection should be extended to a person after they are deceased. The loved ones of someone who has passed on should not have to live with the continued defamatory stories and false accusations that can so easily be paraded as fact.

Although a high profile celebrity is named here as an example of media out of control, the damage of the press extends to every citizen, regardless of fame, wealth, or social standing. It is time for our leaders to take a stand against irresponsible journalism and fight to protect the rights of those who can no longer fight for themselves. Please consider this issue worthy of action.


CADeFlaw Group


Photo 1 of Those Defamed Slide 3


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