Letter to Hawaii Senators in support of “Steven Tyler Act”


Senator Clayton Hee – Chair
Senate District 23
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 407

Senator Maile S.L. Shimabukuro – Vice Chair
Senate District 21
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 222

Dear Senators,

We are writing to congratulate you and your state for taking a stand against the gross invasion of privacy that people in the public eye endure on a daily basis.

Hawaii’s Senate Bill 465 is of special interest to us because it is similar to our goal regarding California law that addresses the slander and defamation of people.

We are a non-profit group called CADeflaw, which stands for California Anti-Defamation Legacy Law. Our purpose is to protect the legacy of the deceased from defamation. CADeflaw believes in free speech; however, we believe that with that freedom come responsibility and accountability. Although defaming anyone is despicable, a living person can defend themselves. To defame a deceased person is reprehensible.

CADeflaw was formed after watching the vile treatment of the legacy and reputation of Michael Jackson after he passed away.  It was this treatment of a deceased person that ignited a passion in us to try to make a change. It made us realize that the deceased person leaves behind children, parents, and siblings who sometimes have to endure the unrelenting gossip and speculation of their loved one. Every person, whether a celebrity, politician, or average citizen, is entitled to respect, especially after they have passed on.

We are working to have California Civil Code §§ 44-48 revise the definition of who can be defamed to include “a natural person whether living or dead”. The law has been written by the Judicial Counsel, which falls under the office of California’s Secretary of State. It must meet the same requirements as any Civil Defamation law.

That is why we salute you in supporting the Steven Tyler Act. Although it does not address the defamation of the deceased, it does recognize that celebrities have basic human rights and should be allowed some privacy in spite of their celebrity status. That is what we want for the deceased……a level of privacy and respect, whether they are an anonymous citizen or a world-famous celebrity.


City, State

Clayton Hee – Chair
Senate District 23
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 407
phone: 808-586-7330
fax: 808-586-7334

Maile S.L. Shimabukuro – Vice Chair
Senate District 21
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 222
phone: 808-586-7793
fax: 808-586-7797


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