Purpose/Mission – ADLL Advocates

Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates Purpose is two-fold:

  • Advocates – Protection and Preservation of the Legacy for the deceased.

A nonprofit organization comprised solely of volunteers. Our belief is that the families of the deceased should have a way to seek relief from the slander and defamation of their deceased loved ones. While living, a person can defend themselves against slander and libel. Once they are deceased, the law currently considers that the person no longer exists. The reality is that a person’s reputation and legacy exist long after they have left this life.

Organized to protect and preserve, publicly, the legacy of those deceased and propose that all states/countries having defamation/slander civil codes be changed so that defamation applies to a “natural person whether living or deceased.”

  • Contribute, financially, to organizations whose central purpose is directed toward the education and welfare of children, globally.

Many children in the United States and abroad do not have shelter, food, clothing and other essential needs because they live in or near the poverty level. In the United States many children are dependent upon the resources of one parent with the assistance of state aid; and in many third world countries many children are orphans; solely dependent upon the gifts/donations of organizations.

Cadeflaw’s goal is to assist by giving, monthly financial, donations toward the needs of children on a global scale

Cadeflaw Advocates


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