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CA Senate Bill 131 – Is This the New Gateway to Abuse and Transparent Litigation?

Justice Scales SB 131NOW comes the latest in the ongoing saga involving the late great Michael Jackson, who was without a doubt the most beloved entertainer and humanitarian that ever lived. Yet that is not enough for some…those that choose to wait until after his untimely death to launch yet another attack on his good name, reputation and heart. One such attacker is Wade Robinson, who decided to wait until after the death of Michael Jackson, on June 25th, 2009, to file a late claim against Michael’s estate alleging child molestation.

WHAT I find odd is how Mr. Robson had NO RECOLLECTION of being molested. Strange since he was the “Star” witness for Michael Jackson’s defense at the 2005 trial. Never mind the fact that the trial took place 8 years prior to his late claim filing. Like rape; being molested is not something that one would forget, so if Wade was in fact molested, then why did this come out 8 years ago? Why was he the star witness for the defense during Michael’s 2005 trial?

IF he was, in fact, molested he had 8 years minimum to bring about a suit and or claim against Mr. Jackson but did not…wonder why that is? Also; why wait until AFTER THE DEATH OF MICHAEL JACKSON TO FILE A LATE CLAIM? Could it be that this would be an easier path to money since the decedent is no longer alive to speak and act in his defense? I would think so; why else would Wade wait all this time and after the death of Michael Jackson to file his late claim?

Law Books SB 131THIS law, CA SB 131 which was amended on May 2, 2013; one day after Wade Robson filed his claim will serve as a detriment to legitimate claims and victims of sexual assaults and abuse. While on the flip side it can bring financial ruin to the estates of the accused…especially those that are deceased. Decedents are not able to defend themselves directly; which makes them very susceptible to bogus claims against their estate and bring about ruin to the survivors of the decedent.

Text of CA SB 131    Analysis of CA SB 131

The Governor needs to review CA SB 131 as it is a gateway to massive abuse and transparent litigation. No such late claims should be filed against one’s estate after such individual dies as they cannot speak directly on their behalf.   CA Governor Vetoes SB 131

Carly Lee, CA AdLLaw Advocate

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Did YOU Know?

Defamation PhotoIt’s NOT about US.

It’s NOT about ME.

It’s NOT about YOU.

It’s NOT about FAME.

It’s NOT about FORTUNE.

It’s NOT about JUSTICE.

It’s NOT about REVENGE.


It’s NOT about who gets the CREDIT.

AdLLaw Initiative Photo Card (1)It’s ABOUT “Protecting and Preserving” the Legacies of these people. ARE YOU ANGRY ENOUGH TO SUPPORT the Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Initiative by asking your two U.S. Senators and the President of the United States, to author and pass an “Anti-Defamation Legacy Law? These people are worth the effort. #AdLLawInitiative

There has been an orchestrated plan to destroy Michael Jackson’s reputation since 1993, and it has NOT STOPPED even in death. WHEN WILL IT STOP? It won’t unless we ask our two U.S. Senators and the President of the United States to support the #AdLLawInitiative by authoring and passing a law; to give the family members of the deceased a law to sue those who defame their deceased relatives.

The beautiful photos are NICE. The projects are BEAUTIFUL and well deserved, but they won’t mean a thing if the general public, globally, continue to believe that Michael Jackson was a child molester; that Trayvon Martin’s death was a good thing because he was a gangster; that former First Lady Betty Ford was a whore; that God hated Steve Jobs, Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder, Army Spc. Carrie L. French and Whitney Houston was a “crack-head whore” as well as some other horrific things many of the deceased has been named since their death.

Did you know that Bill SB 131 to Extend Statute of Limitations – Child Molestation, is a new law set to go into effect as scheduled on Jan. 1, 2014, if the CA Governor does not veto it? Source 

Did you know that SB 131 gives alleged as well as real victims a causal connection window of five years as opposed to the existing three-year period to file a lawsuit after the date of discovery by a mental health professional that their psychological trauma is indeed linked to their childhood sexual abuse? Bill Analysis

Did you know that SB 131 (Beall) was amended on May 2, 2013 and the hearing date was on May 7, 2013?

Did you know that Wade Robson filed his claim on May 1, 2013 and has been granted a court date in June of 2014?   Source

Robson’s lawyer also mentions a psychiatrist who treated him — the doctor is a leader in the field of child psychology. NO OFFENSE TOWARD THOSE WHO ARE REAL VICTIMS, BUT IS THIS REALLY A COINCIDENT?  CA SB 131 was amended on May 2, 2013; one day after Wade Robson filed his claim and the bill is amended to read what Wade Robson needed to file a late claim.

This bill should be enforced for those who sincerely need it but not for anyone to file bogus claims. This is really a tender situation for those who are REAL victims.  It is very difficult to attack a bill that should have been enforced a long time ago, but really Wade Robson. I support this bill but I do NOT support those who use something worthy for financial gain because they can.  This bill is intended to support REAL victims. Conveniently, Mr. Robson did NOT remember being molested as he was the “Star” witness for Michael Jackson’s defense at the 2005 trial.

New Molestation Claim Against Michael Jackson    Another Source

Many of us are well acquainted with being molested, as children and adults, and we support the amending of this law and the victims, but we cannot support those who use something intended for real victims to benefit those who use it for financial gain.

There is no “Magic Wand” to make this disappear and it won’t go away because YOU choose to ignore it.  WE have to come TOGETHER to make this happen or at least make a mighty loud noise about it. We must support the victims of abuse but, at the same time, oppose those who will use this law to defame someone who is NOT here to defend himself.

The Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates (AdLLaw) is a non-profit, charitable and advocacy organization which wants to have a U.S. law passed allowing for family members of defamed deceased people to sue for civil damages.

Even the non-famous can be targets which mean that we and our loved ones are at risk.

Adllaw Photo 2The law protects the likeness and image of a person dead or alive, and the same should hold true for their reputation.

AdLLaw Initiative Letter

AdLLaw Petition

Follow the Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates on Twitter: @CADEFLAW

Submitted by: MJ Brookins, AdLLaw Director


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