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Wade Robson – When things don’t add up …

Michael Jackson - Fact or Fiction


“Why work when you can sue Michael Jackson?” -Tom Messereau

Wade Robson made a name for himself (of course with the help of Michael Jackson) within the entertainment industry. His association with Michael Jackson allowed him to take advantage of opportunities that might have otherwise been closed. He won quite a bit of awards, appeared on a few shows, worked with artists such as NSYNC and Britney Spears, and even had a chance to have a show named after him. Every chance he got to talk about who and what influenced his decision to enter the entertainment industry, he always named Michael Jackson as his biggest influence.

In Feb/March 2013, AEG was hit with a lawsuit by Katherine Jackson and MJ’s kids for the wrongful death of the late international pop star, King of Pop, Michael Jackson. AEG warned us that “some ugly” were going to come out in this…

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AdLLaw Advocates Mini-Series: Revisit Chap I Conclusion

Published on Apr 16, 2014 by S. Kendrick, Resolution Specialist
A movie made into a weekly series. It centers on the family of a defamed decedent.

Video provided by AdLLaw. The Anti-Defamation Legacy Group.

Purpose: To inform and entertain.

To gain support so that we can request a Bill be prepared by the US Senate that would make it unlawful to defame a person who is deceased.

The Petition with goal spelled out:

The Group and written goals:

S. Kendrick – a.k.a. Dial Dancer


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CA Senate Bill 131 – Is This the New Gateway to Abuse and Transparent Litigation?

Justice Scales SB 131NOW comes the latest in the ongoing saga involving the late great Michael Jackson, who was without a doubt the most beloved entertainer and humanitarian that ever lived. Yet that is not enough for some…those that choose to wait until after his untimely death to launch yet another attack on his good name, reputation and heart. One such attacker is Wade Robinson, who decided to wait until after the death of Michael Jackson, on June 25th, 2009, to file a late claim against Michael’s estate alleging child molestation.

WHAT I find odd is how Mr. Robson had NO RECOLLECTION of being molested. Strange since he was the “Star” witness for Michael Jackson’s defense at the 2005 trial. Never mind the fact that the trial took place 8 years prior to his late claim filing. Like rape; being molested is not something that one would forget, so if Wade was in fact molested, then why did this come out 8 years ago? Why was he the star witness for the defense during Michael’s 2005 trial?

IF he was, in fact, molested he had 8 years minimum to bring about a suit and or claim against Mr. Jackson but did not…wonder why that is? Also; why wait until AFTER THE DEATH OF MICHAEL JACKSON TO FILE A LATE CLAIM? Could it be that this would be an easier path to money since the decedent is no longer alive to speak and act in his defense? I would think so; why else would Wade wait all this time and after the death of Michael Jackson to file his late claim?

Law Books SB 131THIS law, CA SB 131 which was amended on May 2, 2013; one day after Wade Robson filed his claim will serve as a detriment to legitimate claims and victims of sexual assaults and abuse. While on the flip side it can bring financial ruin to the estates of the accused…especially those that are deceased. Decedents are not able to defend themselves directly; which makes them very susceptible to bogus claims against their estate and bring about ruin to the survivors of the decedent.

Text of CA SB 131    Analysis of CA SB 131

The Governor needs to review CA SB 131 as it is a gateway to massive abuse and transparent litigation. No such late claims should be filed against one’s estate after such individual dies as they cannot speak directly on their behalf.   CA Governor Vetoes SB 131

Carly Lee, CA AdLLaw Advocate

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Did YOU Know?

Defamation PhotoIt’s NOT about US.

It’s NOT about ME.

It’s NOT about YOU.

It’s NOT about FAME.

It’s NOT about FORTUNE.

It’s NOT about JUSTICE.

It’s NOT about REVENGE.


It’s NOT about who gets the CREDIT.

AdLLaw Initiative Photo Card (1)It’s ABOUT “Protecting and Preserving” the Legacies of these people. ARE YOU ANGRY ENOUGH TO SUPPORT the Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Initiative by asking your two U.S. Senators and the President of the United States, to author and pass an “Anti-Defamation Legacy Law? These people are worth the effort. #AdLLawInitiative

There has been an orchestrated plan to destroy Michael Jackson’s reputation since 1993, and it has NOT STOPPED even in death. WHEN WILL IT STOP? It won’t unless we ask our two U.S. Senators and the President of the United States to support the #AdLLawInitiative by authoring and passing a law; to give the family members of the deceased a law to sue those who defame their deceased relatives.

The beautiful photos are NICE. The projects are BEAUTIFUL and well deserved, but they won’t mean a thing if the general public, globally, continue to believe that Michael Jackson was a child molester; that Trayvon Martin’s death was a good thing because he was a gangster; that former First Lady Betty Ford was a whore; that God hated Steve Jobs, Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder, Army Spc. Carrie L. French and Whitney Houston was a “crack-head whore” as well as some other horrific things many of the deceased has been named since their death.

Did you know that Bill SB 131 to Extend Statute of Limitations – Child Molestation, is a new law set to go into effect as scheduled on Jan. 1, 2014, if the CA Governor does not veto it? Source 

Did you know that SB 131 gives alleged as well as real victims a causal connection window of five years as opposed to the existing three-year period to file a lawsuit after the date of discovery by a mental health professional that their psychological trauma is indeed linked to their childhood sexual abuse? Bill Analysis

Did you know that SB 131 (Beall) was amended on May 2, 2013 and the hearing date was on May 7, 2013?

Did you know that Wade Robson filed his claim on May 1, 2013 and has been granted a court date in June of 2014?   Source

Robson’s lawyer also mentions a psychiatrist who treated him — the doctor is a leader in the field of child psychology. NO OFFENSE TOWARD THOSE WHO ARE REAL VICTIMS, BUT IS THIS REALLY A COINCIDENT?  CA SB 131 was amended on May 2, 2013; one day after Wade Robson filed his claim and the bill is amended to read what Wade Robson needed to file a late claim.

This bill should be enforced for those who sincerely need it but not for anyone to file bogus claims. This is really a tender situation for those who are REAL victims.  It is very difficult to attack a bill that should have been enforced a long time ago, but really Wade Robson. I support this bill but I do NOT support those who use something worthy for financial gain because they can.  This bill is intended to support REAL victims. Conveniently, Mr. Robson did NOT remember being molested as he was the “Star” witness for Michael Jackson’s defense at the 2005 trial.

New Molestation Claim Against Michael Jackson    Another Source

Many of us are well acquainted with being molested, as children and adults, and we support the amending of this law and the victims, but we cannot support those who use something intended for real victims to benefit those who use it for financial gain.

There is no “Magic Wand” to make this disappear and it won’t go away because YOU choose to ignore it.  WE have to come TOGETHER to make this happen or at least make a mighty loud noise about it. We must support the victims of abuse but, at the same time, oppose those who will use this law to defame someone who is NOT here to defend himself.

The Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates (AdLLaw) is a non-profit, charitable and advocacy organization which wants to have a U.S. law passed allowing for family members of defamed deceased people to sue for civil damages.

Even the non-famous can be targets which mean that we and our loved ones are at risk.

Adllaw Photo 2The law protects the likeness and image of a person dead or alive, and the same should hold true for their reputation.

AdLLaw Initiative Letter

AdLLaw Petition

Follow the Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates on Twitter: @CADEFLAW

Submitted by: MJ Brookins, AdLLaw Director


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An Invitation – AdLLaw

An Invitation to join the AdLLaw Initiative to attain worldwide support and to bring awareness to this important law which; will protect and preserve the legacies of the deceased.


Special Instructions:

Only one signature per person please. If you reside in the USA please invite the US President and both of your US House Senators via email or postal letter.
International Guest: You may invite the US President.

If you decide to invite elected officials to join you please be sure to inform them “you support the AdLLaw Initiative and have signed the Petition and you wish them to do the same.”

Contact President Obama

U.S. Senators Website  Contact the two U.S. Senators in your state

Thank You,
The AdLLaw Advocates

Nonprofits & Activism

Standard YouTube License


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The Death of A Good Name: At What Cost?

Ecclesiastes 7:1…..A good name is better than fine perfume, and the day of death better than the day of birth.

Death is the final cessation or termination of existence. In the case of this article a “Good Name” speaks of a reputation and a legacy.  A “good name” is a good reputation, where the name alone evokes thoughts of a great person, such as the name David had in Israel.  A legacy, in historical terms, is something that is handed down from one period of time to another period of time. A historical legacy can be a positive thing or a negative thing. Source

Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past. Source

BLACK HEADSTONE2We are not born with good names but they are given to us upon arrival. We build on what has been given to us and our legacies begin to take shape as we move forward with the construction of that foundation, using the tools that have been handed down to us. At times we may take a turn in error or lay down some material not so promising to keep the storm from destroying that which we have built. Many have attempted, for decades, to destroy what Michael Jackson worked so hard to build and it is time for the viciousness to be put to rest.

The name Michael Jackson is one that’s esteemed globally. He has the greatest fan base in the world. They are not well received by many but that is only because they labor to protect his name, not to protect any wrong doings, but the good name he left behind.

Personally, I never supposed Michael Jackson to be a perfect man but a good man who strived for excellence.  Although many will continue to call him a “Perfect” man he never accomplished that task, because no human is capable. However, he portrayed a great illusion of perfection. As the saying goes, “Things are rarely what they seem.” Beneath the complicated layers of illusion stand imperfect people with very imperfect lives. Source

King David was one such person. Despite the fact that he was chosen by God to be King and despite his many successes as King, David remained a very imperfect man who led an imperfect life. He struggled with issues prevalent today: temptation, greed, dishonesty, and adultery among them. His sins were numerous and devastating. His walk with God faltered. Yet despite his imperfection, David was a man who sought God. Despite David’s imperfection, God did not turn away from him.

King David was not a perfect man but a good man. He was counted and is noted to be a man after God’s own heart. Yet, history reveals that David committed some shocking acts and the memory of King David is blessed. He is still well thought of today. Proverbs 10:7 – The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.

Michael 5x7 Color 2013I can assure you that Michael Jackson is also such a man. His name will not rot but he will be remembered and honored for many decades to come. Four years has passed since his death and he is still being remembered and his name is blessed among men all over the world.

It is not by sheer coincidence a warning was announced by the AEG legal team that some horrible and definite revelations would be unearthed with a negative reference to Michael Jackson; and we get that. Surely that promise has been kept. It is my opinion that this threat was made to encourage Mrs. Jackson to drop the lawsuit and I am glad she did not. At what cost should she give up the right to find out what actually happened to her son? For that, I salute her. We have to stand up for we were not given the spirit of fear but of power, a sound mind and love.

2 Timothy 1:For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Now, we have another onslaught of tabloid foolishness accusing Mr. Jackson of paying millions of dollars as hush money to victims he supposedly molested. We then have a good friend who gave sworn testimony eight years ago that Michael was innocent and had never touched a child in a demeaning way. After four years of his passing this “friend” threatens Michael Jackson’s estate with a lawsuit. IF these things are true, and I have no doubt they are lies, why did the accuser not go to the police or just tell his story. His first stop was to the Estate managers with the intent of being paid. What is more important, the truth or getting paid? We get that too.

Let me be clear, the Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates DO NOT advocate against victims of sexual abuse whether they be children or adults. In fact these offenders should be punished immediately and harshly. However, it has been proven in a court of law that Michael Jackson was innocent of the alleged charges of child molestation. How long will those who loathe or secretly hate him continue to extort him financially and morally? Though his body is no longer available to receive the continued jabs, they have now been transferred to his family and especially to his three children. They now suffer the continued and unexpected thrusts of those jabs.

It is reprehensible to continue to damage or to slay a person’s reputation by promoting rumor, innuendo, gossip and sensationalism as fact after they can no longer protect themselves. Hiding behind the First Amendment, while exploiting the names of the deceased for entertainment and profit, is not honorable.

A person’s Legacy is defined as how they are remembered; what contributions they made while they were alive. Timeless parts of themselves are passed on to others leaving hope for the future.

It is time for those in authoritative positions and/or leaders to take a stand against irresponsible journalism and fight to protect the rights of those who can no longer fight for themselves. These continued and debasing attacks on Michael Jackson’s name is, simply put, an attempt to bring “Death to his good name”.

Photo 1 of Those Defamed frame 5How much longer will those of us who believe in the memory and excellence of this good man, Michael Jackson, have to battle unaided by the managers of his estate to protect and preserve his legacy?  It seems to be a never ending combat zone, but yet we stand strong and will not stop until we are heard. Will the Estate Managers’ take a position on the latest allegations of child molestation? Will you allow your voices to be counted among ours? At what cost will we continue to allow this man’s name to be murdered? Michael Jackson has a global network of soldiers to support you; speak up for this man.

Until one can learn how to separate FACT from CONJECTURE they should have nothing to say.  So far the estate managers have done a fairly decent job preserving Mr. Jackson’s assets but what will they do to protect and preserve the name attached to those assets?

Mr. Michael Jackson’s name will not ROT. We will keep it nourished with LOVE along with the presentation of FACTS.

MJ Brookins, CAD

CADeflaw’s goal is simple.  We wish to include the deceased among those who can be legally defamed in California and give their families a statute upon which to base a civil cause of action.  Support the Cadeflaw Initiative by signing the petition. Protect and Preserve the Legacy of those deceased.

AdLLaw Initiative GLOBAL Petition

Global Petition Link Petition Closed

CA Petition Link Petition Closed



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A Story of Defamation: What Qualifies?

To better understand defamation, we must know how the law defines defamation (libel & slander).

Harry and Tom were brothers and partners. They lived in a place called AnyTown located in AnyState, USA. Since childhood they had fought over money. Tom said Harry spent too much and Harry said Tom was cheap. Their last fight was over expanding the business.

Tom believed the time was not right and the money would go to waste. Harry believed Tom’s penny pinching ways were going to keep them from staying competitive.

They argued in front of anyone who was around and complained to everyone who would listen.

Their last argument took place in front of a new customer. Harry said: “Tom you are so cheap and stubborn I could choke you. You are going to ruin the business and then we will be sorry.

Tom shouted at Harry: “I am not going to change my mind and there is nothing you can do that will change it.” With that Tom walked away. Harry shouted at his back: “oh no! We will see!”

The customer who was not accustom to business people shouting at one another left without doing any business with the brothers.

Two days passed without Harry hearing from his brother. He thought to himself: “he is sulking or hiding telling the wife to tell me he is not home.”

On the third day of Tom’s absence, the Police met Harry at his home. He was arrested. They had found Tom buried in Harry’s garden. He had been bashed in the head. An anonymous tip had led them to the garden.

Harry was an avid craftsman hobbyist. He never met a fancy tool he did not like or buy whether he could use it or not. A hammer was found in his work shop it had Tom’s blood on it.

During the trial which would find Harry not guilty it was discovered the blood was Tom’s but it was too old to fit the timeline of the crime. The new customer who had testified against Harry had to admit Harry said choke not bash. Several family and friends would testify the brothers always fought and loudly but were quick to make up.

After the trial there was the usual round of news specials where pundits retried the case, with comments from people who were witnesses and those who had not witness anything.

Because of the trial, the accusations, the articles and public comments Harry lost the business and was forced to move to another State where he hoped they remembered little about his highly publicized trial.

Video version:

Which if any of these statements defamed Harry and which were opinion?

The New Customer, a traveling salesman would tell people he believed the jury got it wrong. He was sure Harry killed Tom. “I was there when Harry threatened Tom.”

A local newspaper Journalist with a tri-state readership wrote an article. He said. “He pitied Harry for having lost his business, because he was an accused murderer.”

One juror would write a book where she claimed; “She was sure the defense lawyer had hidden the real hammer.”

Late night TV personalities would joke about the next guy being careful about taking on a partner from AnyTown, in AnyState USA; who had a liking for hammers.



“A plaintiff in a civil lawsuit must prove all the elements of the tort by a preponderance of the evidence, meaning that the plaintiff must prove that it is more likely than not the defendant committed each element of the tort. The elements of a defamation (libel or slander) claim are:”

• A false and defamatory communication about the plaintiff
• Publication to a third party
• Fault amounting to either negligence or intent on the defendant’s part
• Harm or damage to the plaintiff.



“A defamatory statement is a false statement of fact–not opinion, satire or parody–that would tend to harm the plaintiff’s reputation in the community. To be defamatory, the statement must clearly be about the plaintiff.”

Source:  Suite 101 – The Law of Defamation

Additional Sources:
Dictionary Law – Defamation
Dictionary Reference – Defamation

This is a three part series:

Part I: A Story of Defamation: What qualifies?
Part II: Defaming the Living by Defaming the Dead. (TBA)
Part III: (TBA)


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Now Wade Robson threatens to sue Michael Jackson ‘s father!!

Now Wade Robson threatens to sue Michael Jackson ‘s father!!.

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The sworn testimony that will come back to haunt Wade Robson

“When you’ve been covering Michael Jackson for any significant period of time, you come to believe that nothing can shock you anymore. Since I began reporting on Michael Jackson for various media organisations, he has announced the biggest concert residency of all time and then died before he could complete it. A doctor has been jailed for his homicide and a posthumous album has caused international scandal by containing tracks allegedly sung by an imposter.”

Blogged by: Charles Thomson


Sign petitions at the links below to support “Protecting and Preserving” the Legacies of the deceased against slander/defamation.


CA Residents:


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